About Us

It started with an idea…

Colonial Leather was established in March of 1988, manufacturing out of a garage at the rear of a house in the Bendigo suburb of Eaglehawk. To begin with the products produced mainly consisted of belts, souvenirs & musicals straps.

Our History

Before long the company began to specialise in mainly straps.

By the early nineties, Colonial Leather had become the only large scale guitar strap manufacturer in Australia, and by the end of the nineties could boast of not only having the largest share of the Australian market but also extensive export into many countries including the U.S.A., Europe, and Asia even exporting a limited amount of product to China.

Colonial Leather pride themselves for having some of the highest quality guitar straps produced any where in the world today and have manufactured straps for companies like Maton, Gibson, and Washburn.

In 2016 we turned our expertise towards creating a range of fine leather accessories for
the Australian retail firearms market, including rifle slings and ammunition belts and
sleeves. At Colonial Leather we pride ourselves on making the best quality products at
affordable prices. We are sure you will find this new range is no exception..